High Resolution Site Characterisation

EnISSA optimises soil investigation with state of the art measurements

Unique & advanced

EnISSA has been actively working with High Resolution Site Characterisation since 2010.

Our team has developed in-depth expertise in detecting and in the detailed mapping of soil and groundwater contamination.

This has resulted in the development of a unique, fast and semi-quantitative in-situ soil analysis method with low detection limits: EnISSA MIP with GC-MS.

High data density

A better understanding of soil contamination and the subsurface helps you with detailed risk assessment and the design of effective remediation solutions.

HRSC provides detailed information to design a strong and complete Conceptual Site Model.

Invest in detailed investigation and avoid additional costs due to additional research phases and failing remediation efforts.

HRSC tools

EnISSA is conducting site investigations at various project sites in Europe. We use various HRSC tools, such as MIP, OIP, HPT and CPT to gain insight in subsurface conditions and contaminant distribution.

Consultants, brownfield developers, authorities and problem owners can call on our services.

Typical locations are  dry cleaning sites, petrol stations, metal workshops  but also (petro)chemical or pharmaceutical industries, airports and military bases.

Our services

An extremely sensitive and detailed detection system, whereby we directly couple the MIP probe to the GC-MS Detector.

With an OIP probe we can quickly and efficiently map out the presence of NAPLs in the soil, such as fuels, oil, creosote and tar.

A clear visualisation can help you explain complex geological results to customers, regulators  or other stakeholders.

We provide insight into the soil structure thanks to our high-resolution measurements.


Here we go into the field to analyse the soil air, indoor air, as well as the ambient air or industrial gas flows at the site itself.

We have acquired many years of experience in carrying out traditional soil analyses.

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